Papers from Saturday May 7

Hanne Helth
Spokesperson, the March 8 Initiative

'Opening speech' 

Download paper Hanne H. (Danish)

Mikkel Warming
Mayor, The Social Service Administration, City of Copenhagen

'The Copenhagen Community's Policy Against Prostitution and Trafficking'

Download paper Mikkel W. (Danish)

Trine Baumbach
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law,
Copenhagen University

‘Prostitution and trafficking in a juridical and human rights perspective’

Download paper Trine B. (Danish) Download power point presentation Trine B. (English)

Maud Eduards
Professor of Political Science, Stockholm University

‘Body policies’

Download paper Maud E. (Swedish) Download power point presentation Maud E. (Swedish)

Julie Bindel
Journalist, Researcher, Eaves, London

‘Paying for It: What men who pay for sex tell us about prostitution and trafficking’

Download power point presentation Julie B. (English) Download the full report Men who buy sex (English)

Kenneth Reinicke
Associate Professor in Gender Studies,
Roskilde University

‘Men, gender and power’

Download paper Kenneth R. (Danish) Download power point presentation Kenneth R. (Danish)

Asta Håland
Former Leader, Feminist Group Ottar

'Feminists pushing for change – the Norwegian example’

Download paper Asta Håland (Norwegian)

Lisa Reynolds
Exiting Prostitution Link Officer, Lilith Research & Development, Eaves
and Helen Easton
Senior Research Fellow, Crime Reduction & Community Safety Research Group, London South Bank University

‘Leaving prostitution behind – a research based exit model’

Download paper Reynolds/Easton (English) Download power point pres.Reynolds/Easton (English)

Papers from Sunday May 8

Anna Skarhed
Chancellor of Justice, Sweden
'The results of the evaluation of the Swedish ban on the buying of sexual services’

Download paper Anna S. (Swedish) Download power point presentation Anna S. (Swedish) Download full evaluation report of the Swedish law (English) Download short extract in English of the evaluation Download long extract in English of the evaluation

Harald Bøhler
Detective Superintendent
Oslo Police STOP unit
‘Norwegian police’s work to implement the ban on buying sexual services – methods and effects’

Download power point presentation Harald B. (Norwegian)

Debbie Baker
Manager, Streetreach, Auckland
‘Prostitution in New Zealand’

Download paper Debbie B. (English)

Janice Raymond
Professor in Medical Ethics, University of Massachussets, Board Member, CATW       
'Legalisation is not the answer - prostitution and trafficking in a global perspective'          

Download paper Janice R. (English)

Tomas Wetterberg
Chairperson, Men for Gender Equality, Sweden
’Men Against Men’s Violence Against Women – how and why?’

Download paper Tomas Wetterberg (English)

Jens Høvsgaard
Journalist, Author
’I could buy a Slave’

Balder Mørk Andersen
Spokesperson, the March 8 Initiative
’Men buying sex – men’s responsibility’

Download paper Balder A. (English) Download power point presentation Balder A. (English)

Trine Rogg Korsvik
Phd, Historian, Oslo University
’Taking Social Responsibility – the Anatomy of Resistance’

Download paper Trine K. (English)

Sandra Weinert
CEO, Hotel Guldsmeden
’Hotel Guldsmedens Campaign Against Trafficking in Women’

Download power point presentation Sandra W. (English)

Marianne Bruun
Gender Rights Consultant, 3F (trade union)
‘Why did a trade union campaign against trafficking in women? - 3F’s campaign against trafficking’

Download paper Marianne B. (English)

Mette Nørgaard Poulsen
The March 8 Initiative
’Campaigning for Change - the work of the March 8 Initiative’

Download power point presentation Mette P. (English)

Lisa Reynolds and Helen Easton
’Exit support models put into practice’

Download power point pres. Reynolds/Easton (English)

Birgitte Lieberkind
’Experiences from therapeutic treatment of persons with experiences from prostitution’

Download paper Birgitte L. (Danish) Download power point presentation Birgitte L. (Danish)

Lita Malmberg
Social Education Worker
'Out of prostitution – and then what?'

Download paper Lita M. (Danish)

Alice Hansen
Mentor, The Swan Groups

'The way out of prostitution
- the work of the Swan Groups

Download paper Alice H. (Danish)
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