Preliminary programme - alterations can be made

Workshop 1: Men fighting sexual exploitation in prostitution and trafficking - how and why?

Moderator: Magnus Heunicke, Member of Parliament, Social Democrats


Tomas Wetterberg, Chairman, Men for Gender Equality, Sweden:

'Men against men's violence against women - how and why?'

Jens Høvsgaard, Journalist and Author:

'I could buy a slave'

Balder Mørk Andersen, Spokesperson, the March 8 Initiative:

'Men buying sex - men's responsibility'

Peter Hummelgaard Thomsen, President, The Social Democratic Youth of Denmark (DSU):

'DSU: Our work against prostitution and traffcking'

Workshop 2: Civil society takes responsibility - the good examples

Pia Olsen Dyhr, Member of Parliament, Socialistic People's Party


Trine Rogg Korsvik, PhD, Historian, Oslo University:

'Taking social responsibility - the anatomy of resistance'

Marianne Bruun, Gender Rights Consultant, 3F (Trade Union):

'Why did a trade union campaign against trafficking in women?
3F's campaign against trafficing'

Sandra Weinert, CEO, Hotel Guldsmeden:

'Hotel Guldsmedens campaign against trafficking in women'

Mette Nørgaard Poulsen, Volunteer, the March 8 Initiative:

'Campaigning for Change: Examples from the work of the March 8 Initiative'

Workshop 3: Out of prostitution - what does it take?

Moderator: Line Barfod, Member of Parliament, the Red/Green Alliance


Lisa Reynolds and Helen Easton:

'Exit models - down to practice'

Birgitte Lieberkind, Psychologist:

'Experiences from therapeutic treatment of persons
with experiences from prostitution'

Lita Malmberg, Social Education Worker:

'Out of prostitution - and then what?'

Alice Hansen, Mentor, the Swan Groups:

'The way out of prostitution -  the work of the Swan Groups'
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