What is the March 8 Initiative?
The March 8 Initiative is a collaboration of 29 voluntary organizations, social institutions and political movements in Denmark. Our goal is, that the society minimizes the sexual exploitation of persons in prostitution and supports gender equality by
  • adopting a ban on the bying of sexual services
  • preventing that yongsters become sex buyers and prostitutes through campaigns and education
  • supporting persons to exit prostitution
  • counselling sex buyers
What do we want?
We are pushing for a DANISH MODEL - a social and gender responsible approach to combatting prostitution and trafficking:

Ban of the buying of sexual services

It shall be illegal to buy sexual services, but not to be in prostitution - selling sexual services.

There has been a global development in the sex industry including a sad growth in trafficking in persons for prostitution - slavery has never been bigger than today.

The severe forms of exploitation of persons in prostitution demands that we dare to be innovative. Society shall use radical instruments to combat the root cause of prostitution and trafficking: the privilege to buy sex.

We also want the public attitudes towards the buying of sexual services to change from acceptable to an act of exploitation, which society will not tolerate.

Using legislation to diminish the demand for prostitution by making it illegal to buy sex - as they have already done with succes in Iceland, Norway and Sweden - is one of the obvious tools to reduce prostitution and trafficking.

Preventive measures

Society has an obligation to prevent youngsters from being dragged into the sex industry as prostitutes or sex buyers. Campaigning and education on prostitution, power relations, gender roles and sexuality is essential to prevent that prostitution grows.

Exit programmes

International research and stories told by persons, that have left the sex industry and are living with severe damages from exploitation in prostitution, demands society to build social support models with a main focus on supporting persons to exit prostitution and trafficking.

Counselling for sex buyers

Criminalising the buying of sexual services shall be followed by counselling services for sex buyers to support them not to commit criminal offences by exploiting persons in prostitution.

Furthermore some sex buyers have developed an addiction to prostitution.

Contact: grossefreiheit2011@gmail.com
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